Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Welcome to the blog! I've noticed that I tend to always come up with these random thoughts and insights into day-to-day events that I've wanted to share, so I started a blog and added my name to the millions of others clouding the ether of cyberspace with their words. At the very least, I hope to present logical overviews of topics you may or may not have heard about. I can get political and hope that you don't agree with me at every turn, and that we can create a constructive back-and-forth over our differences in opinion. In other words, this blog isn't a dinner date between Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi.

About me: I'm in my first year out of college with a bachelor of science from an ivy league university, working a research gig studying past climate changes in the Arctic Ocean. I use the lens of science in much of my arguments; if it can't be demonstrated through a logical argument, or can't be shown to exist by data, then good luck getting me to agree. There is a ton of data available in the world, and I hope to make interesting topics by showing you some of it.

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  1. Hey, Jesse! Nice to see a fellow bloggueur whom I'm actually also friends with in the non-virtual realm. I'm really loving that everyone's starting to get into this. Now we need to get Jillian to do it.

    Have you seen my blog? It's on Tumblr: http://h13u.tumblr.com